May 11, 2019 -- Gypsy Minor
Gypsy Minor is a high-energy contra dance duo consisting of Tom Moreau on fiddle and viola and Sarah Jane Nelson on keyboard. They play an eclectic mix of Scandinavian couples dances, Quebecois, Old-time, Swing and tunes with a touch of Klez. Over the past decade they've become regular fixtures at New England dance festivals and at dance halls across New England.

Gypsy Minor -- Old-Timey Set
Calling celebrity and pillar of local traditional music and dance David Millstone will be serving up a rewarding selection of dances including the familiar and the fresh.

With decades of experience working with Upper Valley musicians, David knows how to collaborate with a band to get the best match between what dancers do and what they hear. A noted writer on dance, digital archivist, and producer of acclaimed video documentaries, he has also played a long-standing leadership role in the Country Dance and Song Society.

  Dance in the Desert, 2013

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