Blind Squirrel at the Pavilion July 27, 2019!
Blind Squirrel includes Upper Valley musicians Bill Shepard, Erin Smith, and Steve Hoffman (fiddles); Suzanne Long (fiddle and cello); Christina Jeske (whistles); and Chip Hedler (guitar). What first brought them together was their mutual desire to make the music that gives contra dancing its unique spirit. Their highly danceable repertoire draws on traditional and modern Quebecois, southern old-time, celtic, and northern New England sources. There's a sample of their music below.

Blind Squirrel: Reel `a Gilbert

Caller Luke Donforth has rapidly become one of the authorities with whom other callers consult for his encyclopedic knowledge of the New England style dancer repertoire and his insights into how to show the dancers a good time. A highly-respected composer of dance sequences as well, Luke helped get the Mad Robin Callers Collective underway in Burlington, VT and is deeply involved in helping new and experienced callers improve their craft. Read more about Luke.

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