Jan. 28, 2017-- Liz and Dan Faiella
Siblings Liz and Dan Faiella rocked Tracy Hall at our November, 2015 dance with caller David Kaynor. Liz's clean, Celtic-styled fiddle and Dan's crisp and driving guitar rhythms are getting increasing acclaim at dances, concerts, workshops, and festivals across Northern New England. They're right up front in the wave of younger New England musicians creating new grooves with traditional and contemporary dance tunes. More about the Faiellas

Caller Luke Donforth has rapidly become one of the authorities with whom other callers consult for his encyclopedic knowledge of the New England style dancer repertoire and his insights into how to show the dancers a good time. A highly-respected composer of dance sequences as well, Luke helped get the Mad Robin Callers Collective underway in Burlington, VT and is deeply involved in helping new and experienced callers improve their craft. read more about Luke.

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