Nov. 11, 2017 -- Liz and Dan Faiella
Siblings Liz and Dan Faiella rocked Tracy Hall at our November, 2015 dance with caller David Kaynor. They did it again on Jan.28, 2017 with Luke Danforth. Liz's clean, Celtic-styled fiddle and Dan's crisp and driving guitar rhythms are getting increasing acclaim at dances, concerts, workshops, and festivals across Northern New England. They're right up front in the wave of younger New England musicians creating new grooves with traditional and contemporary dance tunes. More about the Faiellas

Don Heinold, based out of Rhode Island, has been calling all over New England for over 7 years. Don is well known as a caller, waltz instructor and dancer in the greater RI, Central MA, Central & Eastern CT, and Southern NH areas, sought out for established regular dances, parties, and weddings. He was the organizer of Mostly Waltz RI and is frequently asked for lessons. You'll also find him at the 31st Annual Ralph Page Dance Weekend at UNH in mid-January, 2018. You can see more of what Don's up to in his schedule on Facebook.

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