March 24, 2018 at Barrett Hall --
Alden Robinson and Dan Faiella

Alden Robinson is a highly-regarded Maine fiddler who has excited dancers across the country and beyond as a member of the bands Riptide and The Press Gang. He is also a returning staff member for the Maine Fiddle Camp. Check out Alden's driving sound below!

Guitarist and low whistle player Dan Faiella has two previous visits to Tracy Hall as proof he can generate the kind of energy that dancers thirst for. Capable of finding the groove in every style from Celtic to Quebecois to old-timey at the first beat, Dan has teamed up with Alden Robinson before, making his third visit one not to miss. Find out more about Dan here.

Dan Faiella kicking off a 3-tune set
Caller and fiddler Don Stratton, from Bristol, Vermont, can do it all. Able to serve up contras, squares, and dances with other formations to please every appetite, Don has a rock-solid foundation that comes from calling the regular dance in Cornwall, Vermont. Don also plays fiddle for the contra dance band Red Dog Riley, who will join him at Tracy Hall June 9. Learn more at

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