Apr. 14, 2018 -- Atlantic Crossing
Atlantic Crossing is a high-energy dance band with long-time roots in Vermont and the UK. Their music, drawn from the Celtic traditions of the British Isles as well as from Maritime and French Canada, has inspired and attracted contra dancers for over two decades. Learn more about them at

Atlantic Crossing -- Reel de Montebello

Woody Lane, from Roseburg in southwestern Oregon, has been calling for dances, camps and major festivals across the U.S. for more than 25 years. In his own words, "I started out learning the skills of calling squares to fast old-time music, and clogging on stage to driving Appalachian fiddle tunes. Over the years as contras have become more popular, I moved into calling contras, and I cherish the beauty and depth of this music and the hypnotic flow of the dances." Learn more about Woody
here and listen to him call below.

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