May 12, 2018 SPECIAL DANCE --
Emerald Rae & Jacqueline Schwab
Every time Emerald Rae and Jacqueline Schwab come together to play, you can count on musical fireworks. Both are greatly admired for their dynamic individual styles and for their skill at freely improvising. This will be a dance where the music will definitely be worth your full auditory attention!

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Emerald ~ Jacqueline ~ Nils

  Emerald and Jacqueline concert jam
About Emerald Rae, from a review by Devon Leger (Hearth Music): "Hailing from the historic fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Emerald Rae is both a small-town girl steeped in cherished traditions and a world-class artist breaking new ground with her sophisticated approach to rhythmic and percussive fiddling...Her extraordinary chops transform the fiddle into anything from bagpipes to flamenco or electric guitar, slap bass or ukulele."
Emerald Rae's website

  Emerald Rae plays Greenfield, MA dance
Vaunted pianist Jacqueline Schwab has played for many of the renowned Ken Burns' public television documentaries, including his Grammy award-winning "Civil War." She has also performed at the White House and toured extensively in the U.S. and England, collaborating with the likes of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Alasdair Fraser, cellist Abby Newton, singer Jean Redpath, and others.

As an accomplished improviser, Jacqueline's inspirations are traditional music of England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, blues, vintage tangos, and more. Besides performing, she enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge by teaching workshops on dance music and improvisation.
Jacqueline's website

Jacqueline Schwab: Beare Island
Caller Nils Fredland is sought after as a prime mover for contra dances all over New England and internationally. If that's not enough, he's a classically trained trombonist who plays fiddle tunes and is the Associate Artistic Director for Revels North. His comfortable, yet crisp and energetic calling style has made hime a Tracy Hall favorite!
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  Nils calling at Glen Echo in 2014

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