June 9, 2018 -- Red Dog Riley

Red Dog Riley is a contra dance band from Cornwall, Vermont, playing for contra and square dances, weddings, private events, and anyplace else people love to dance. We draw our inspiration from fiddle-based traditions around the world, bringing them all in to our own sound. Check out the two tunes below! Red Dog Riley is:
Kristin Bolton: bass, fiddle, clogging
Dave Guertin: guitar, mandolin
Andrew Munkres: banjo, piano
Romy Munkres: fiddle, flute, foot percussion
Don Stratton: fiddle, tenor guitar
Find out more about them and their music at

Don will also be our caller for this dance (see below).

Salvation and Frank's Reel

Caller and fiddler Don Stratton, from Bristol, Vermont, can do it all, as he showed us at our March 10 dance. Able to serve up contras, squares, and dances with other formations to please every appetite, Don has a rock-solid foundation that comes from calling Red Dog Riley's regular dance in Cornwall, Vermont. Learn more at http://don-stratton.com/calling5.php.

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