Sep. 8, 2018 -- Spintuition
Spintuition is a young, high-energy dance band with roots in the southern New Hampshire-southern Vermont bedrock of New England dance music. Their repertoire includes many driving original tunes, as well as fresh interpretations of traditional ones. Members include:

Silas Hamilton - Guitar, Piano, Fiddle
Willy Clemetson - Fiddle, Feet
Samuel Foucher - Accordion, Whistle, Piano; member of
Birl, the young Monadnock-area band that has played Tracy Hall twice to our dancers' delight.

You can learn more about Spintuition on their Facebook page and get a taste of their music below.

  Spintuition cranking up the tempo!
Caller David Millstone and Upper Valley dancing go back a long way together. His monthly dance with the band Northern Spy in Norwich, Vermont, was one of America's longest-running contra dance series. But David remains an active force on the cutting edge of traditional music and dance, not just in our area, but nationally and internationally.

Adept at providing any kind of audience from beginner to experienced with a rewardingly exhilarating dance experience, David's repertoire ranges from traditional New England chestnuts to high-energy recent compositions. A noted writer on dance, digital archivist, and producer of acclaimed video documentaries, David has also played a long-standing leadership role in the Country Dance and Song Society, and currently serves as its president.

  Dance in the Desert, 2013

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