Oct. 27, 2018 -- Dave Bartley Trio

Player of fretted instruments and tunesmith Dave Bartley injects everything from driving rhythms to filigreed countermelodies into dance tunes, drawing on his expertise in rock, classical, and traditional genres. He has composed over 300 fiddle tunes, so it shouldn't be surprising if some of them turn up when he plays in Norwich. Find more about Dave here.

Rebecca McCallum grew up playing classical violin, but says she began to transform from a "violinist" to a "fiddler" shortly after college. She favors northern styles of music in her driving but precise renditions of jigs and reels. She is a member of Groovemongers, highly sought-out for their world-beat groove.

Fiddler and accordianist Emliy Troll, from Portland, ME, is an avid lover of French-Canadian and old-time traditions. You'll often see Emily playing with her all-girl band, Anadama. When she's not playing, she's probably dancing. When she's not dancing, she's probably teaching second grade, or taking a long walk on the beach.

Caller David Millstone and Upper Valley dancing go back a long way together. His monthly dance with the band Northern Spy in Norwich, Vermont, was one of America's longest-running contra dance series. But David remains an active force on the cutting edge of traditional music and dance, not just in our area, but nationally and internationally.

Adept at providing any kind of audience from beginner to experienced with a rewardingly exhilarating dance experience, David's repertoire ranges from traditional New England chestnuts to high-energy recent compositions. A noted writer on dance, digital archivist, and producer of acclaimed video documentaries, David has also played a long-standing leadership role in the Country Dance and Song Society, and currently serves as its president.

  Dance in the Desert, 2013

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