January 26, 2019 -- Turning Stile
Turning Stile is the combined talents of Aaron Marcus, Joanne Garton, and Alex Kehler. Each of the three is well-known for the energy, precision, and personal feeling they put into dance tune genres ranging from English Country to Celtic to rock- and jazz-influenced cutting-edge contra (check out some sample music below). They are sought after not only by dance and festival organizers, but by other high-caliber musicians looking to assemble a unit for a special project or occasion.

  Joanne and Aaron with Hollis Easter
Aaron and Julie Vallimont on 1 piano!
  Alex Kehler on nyckelharpa
Tracy Hall dancers are well acquainted with the rich repertoire of caller David Millstone.

A noted writer on dance, digital archivist, and producer of acclaimed video documentaries, David has also played a long-standing leadership role in the Country Dance and Song Society, and has recently served as its president.

We're fortunate that he will be up on the stage a number of times this year. For a taste of his style, check out the video below.

  Dance in the Desert, 2013

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