March 23, 2019 -- Open Band!
The open band concept is a powerful expression of grass-roots musical culture. Participants are simply people who have been captivated by the spirit of this music and love playing it for their friends and fellow community members to dance to. This year's open band will be coordinated by Carol Compton, a member and leader of local dance band Northern Spy, which played Tracy Hall dances up until 2015. She continues to be a sought-after dance musician for events in Vermont and Massachusetts.

Calling celebrity and pillar of local traditional music and dance David Millstone will be serving up a rewarding selection of dances including the familiar and the fresh.

With decades of experience working with Upper Valley musicians, David knows how to collaborate with a band to get the best match between what dancers do and what they hear. A noted writer on dance, digital archivist, and producer of acclaimed video documentaries, he has also played a long-standing leadership role in the Country Dance and Song Society.

  Dance in the Desert, 2013

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