New Year's Eve--Red Dog Riley with Nils Fredland calling

Red Dog Riley is a contra dance band from Cornwall, Vermont, playing for contra and square dances, weddings, private events, and anyplace else people love to dance. We draw our inspiration from fiddle-based traditions around the world, bringing them all in to our own sound. Check out the two tunes below! Red Dog Riley is:
Kristin Bolton: bass, fiddle, clogging
Dave Guertin: guitar, mandolin
Andrew Munkres: banjo, piano
Romy Munkres: fiddle, flute, foot percussion
Don Stratton: fiddle, tenor guitar
Find out more about them and their music at

Salvation and Frank's Reel
Caller Nils Fredland is sought after as a prime mover for contra dances all over New England and internationally. If that's not enough, he's a classically trained trombonist who plays fiddle tunes and the Associate Artistic Director for Revels North.

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