Mar. 14, 2020 -- Liz and Dan Faiella CANCELLED
To avoid any possible transmission of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the Norwich Dance Committee has decided to CANCEL the March 14 dance featuring Liz and Dan Faiella.

With 2 confirmed cases of the virus in the Hanover, NH area, just across the river from Tracy Hall, the possibility that undetected cases could be passed on to someone attending the dance seemed too great a risk to take. The amount of physical proximity and contact that is part of contra dancing's great appeal would make it all too easy for many of those dancing to become infected.

Decisions about dances to follow and precautions to be put in place for them will be announced based on changes in the coronavirus situation and recommendations by health and government authorities.

Siblings Liz and Dan Faiella have rocked Tracy Hall at our November, 2015 dance, again on Jan.28, 2017, and a third time November 11 that same yesr. Liz's clean, Celtic-styled fiddle and Dan's crisp and driving guitar rhythms are getting increasing acclaim at dances, concerts, workshops, and festivals across Northern New England. They're right up front in the wave of younger New England musicians creating new grooves with traditional and contemporary dance tunes. More about the Faiellas

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