Dec. 31, 2016 -- NEW YEAR'S EVE Ball with Pete's Posse
In the space of their three years together, Vermont traditional music guru Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo, melodica and vocals), Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, viola, mandolin, foot percussion and vocals), and Tristan Henderson (guitars, mandolin, jaw harp, foot percussion and vocals) have made Pete's Posse a major musical presence that honors and expands the boundaries of string band dance music. More info:

Pete's Posse - Hell on the Space Coast
Though she has called dances in 37 US states, as well as north of the border and abroad, Adina Gordon is no stranger to Tracy Hall. Her willingness and ability to size up a group and choose the right dance for the moment create a strong sense of spontaneity and connection between her and the dancers on the floor. To learn more, go to

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