Mar. 25, 2017 -- Moving Violations

The Moving Violations knocked everybody out back in November. Now they're making an exciting return visit to Tracy Hall! The band consists of Van Kaynor (fiddle), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), and Ron Grosslein (fiddle, mandolin). About the band, from their website:
"Driving double fiddle harmonies, strong rhythm, affectionate abandon and occasional silliness prevails. Original compositions as well as Celtic, Eastern European, Swedish, Klezmer, and Classical are all fair game for The Moving Violations."

More about the individual band members
Moving Violations Facebook page

Chris Ricciotti has over 30 years of calling experience and has been a key leader in supporting gender-free dancing regionally and nationally. Check out him calling at NEFFA to the tune of "Fisher's Hornpipe" played by an EIGHT-fiddle band!

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